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Based in Puerto Jiménez, our team is dedicated to providing the very best jungle and culture experience in the hidden gem of Costa Rica. Our tours, adventures, and expeditions have something for all ages, interests, and skill levels. Whether you are seeking the ultimate rainforest adventure, a tranquil nature retreat, or cultural connections, we’re here to carefully plan your journey of a lifetime, just the way you desire.

Specializing In Remote Osa

We created Remote Osa Tour Packages to offer off-the-beaten-path adventures in the Osa Peninsula, away from the crowds. These tours directly benefit local communities, empower local people and their business ventures, and promote sustainable conservation by lessening the human impact on Corcovado National Park. You can explore the jungle, kayak across Golfo Dulce, camp in tents, stay in eco-lodges, enjoy night walks, learn about the wildlife and witness natural marvels like sea turtles hatching, partake in culinary experiences with fresh local ingredients, visit an indigenous reserve, and much more.

Meet the Founders
Our journeys to create Selva Connections couldn’t be more different yet intertwined. These contrasts are why we have a tour, adventure, experience, and a new memory for everyone.

Together, we formed Selva Connections, where we connect travelers from all over the world to the secret wonders of Osa and its people, while sharing our passion for nature and adventure and our vision for sustainable eco-tourism.
Osa monkey
Paola “Pao” Lara
A local of Puerto Jimenez, Pao has worked in the tourism industry her entire career. Pao’s specialty is the Osa Peninsula, where she uses her experience and knowledge of the Osa jungle’s isolated areas to create memories and adventures for guests all around the world. She’s always had her own vision of how to experience the beauty and secrets of the Osa Peninsula. Her goal is to create one-of-a-kind experiences for her guests and connect them to the magic of the remote ‘Selva’ and the local communities.
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Mitchell “Mitch” Kanter
Mitch first experienced the Osa Peninsula on one of Pao’s multi-day expeditions. He was immersed in the local culture and got to explore some of the incredible areas of the most biodiverse place on Earth. He instantly fell in love with the Osa Peninsula, the people, culture, flora, and fauna, and quickly knew his calling was there. He sold his Chicago business within a year and dedicated his time and energy to creating Selva Connections with Pao.
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